Google Programmable Search Engine adds Adaptive Cards

We’ve recently been busy with an update to our SharePoint search add-in that now supports the popular PnP Modern Search package. But we were “in search” for more… 😉

Adaptive Cards shown on a Google CSE prototype page (now called Programmable Search Engine)

That’s why we now offer a new channel that adds Adaptive Card results to Google Programmable Search engine (formerly Google Custom Search).

This plugin allows is just a couple lines of code that create a secure connection with your account and send any search inputs off to adenin’s Digital assistant endpoint. This will use existing training data to match the user’s search query to the bank of available Adaptive Cards. If a suitable result is found the Adaptive Card can be sent back to the PSE results page one of two ways:

  1. IFrame: this will render the Card with your theme
  2. Adaptive Card renderer: this will use a default theme that can be customized to match your existing Enterprise search styling (see docs)

This new channel is now available to Plus plan account from the Channel listing.

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