New options for notifications and easier empty states

We’ve simplified the Adaptive Card settings and it’s now easier to tailor your notifications. Not only does the Notification text box gain the ability to accept Adaptive Expressions, you can also get a head-start with the new Suggest button.

In the future, you can decide when a Card is going to send you a notification:

  • Newer dated item detected: If there is a date/time value delivered by your connected app, then you can select for adenin to watch for a more recent item to be received. This avoids sending you notifications in scenarios such as tickets getting assigned to someone else (thus changing data without there being new data) or when the sending app changes hashes at random (which again doesn’t mean there was any new data).
  • Any change detected: This was the previously only open and will send you a notification anytime a change, however minor, in your apps API response is detected.

This helps improve the reliability of notifications to really only notify your users when there is something actually new.

Easier empty state

In addition we have improved what you can do with the Empty state message of your Adaptive Cards. You can not only decide under what condition you consider the card empty (for example if you want to specify a specific array in the JSON), but you also gain that ‘Suggest’ button that makes it that little bit easier to get started.

With a simple selection of four icons you can also add a visual flourish to your Cards, that will surely delight your users.

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