Updated for 2024: The best RSS news feed web part for SharePoint

Despite first being released in 1999 (yeah, a quarter of a century ago) RSS feeds are still a go-to format to syndicate news from different sources. This makes it also an ideal tool to show local news, weather, traffic updates, and more to users of your intranet.

In this post we’re looking at various news reader web parts for SharePoint and Viva Connections and explain why one of them is the only one worth considering.

Built-in SharePoint news reader is broken

The first option is Microsoft’s own RSS reader, which comes courtesy of the Connectors web part. The RSS reader only works on the older Teams pages, not the newer Communicatio pages. Start by adding the RSS web part and configuring it with your XML or ATOM url.

In our tests, configuring the connector consistently led to an error message but if you just let it sit there with the error message after about 10 minutes the web part will start to show you your feed anyway.

Why is this so buggy? Launched in 2016, SharePoint Connectors haven’t seen many updates and so are possibly nearing end of life. If you want to see what it should look like, check out this great explanation by SharePoint Maven.

RSS newsreaders from App source don’t work

There are also a number of RSS feed apps in Microsoft App Source (check yourself), but sadly all of these are of the old “classic” SharePoint add-in variety. This means it’s going to be hard or impossible to obtain a license – regardless of the fact it’s free – through Microsoft’s infrastructure.

This follows Microsoft’s retirement of Add-ins that started in 2023.

The solution: Adenin’s Card Maker web part

If you’re looking for an RSS reader web part that just works then try the Adenin App Integrations web part for SharePoint. Simply head over to MS App Source (link), download it and then hit Connect to an app and search for ‘rss’ in the search bar.

This will directly bring you to where you enter your XML/ATOM feed Url. Just click Continue and then your feed will automatically start to appear in your web part. If the feed is too long simply go to the Custom settings to adjust the web part height.

What’s especially cool is that the same web part works for Viva Connections dashboard. Simply add the App integrations card to your dashboard, and follow the same steps as for the web part.

And then all your Viva Connections users can enjoy the same feed there.

The best part is this web part (+ Viva App) are free to use on Adenin’s Free plan so you can start making your own RSS feed web parts right now. To start, simply download the App integrations web part from Microsoft’s App Source. Any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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