June ’22 update: ConZAPulations, we’ve partnered with Zapier

For this month, the team is proud to announce a new integration partnership with Zapier. With thousands of apps in its roster, Zapier is the premier provider of business workflows that span multiple applications and can automate your entire workday.

You can access the Zapier app right now in our App Directory.

How does the Zapier app work?

Zapier is used by creating “Zaps” which are like recipes where you pick a trigger app and then set up multiple action steps, that will be called upon every time something new happens in your trigger app.

One of these action steps is now to create an Adaptive Card in Digital Assistant. Basically you can name your Card whatever is suitable based on your trigger app, i.e. New contacts in Hubspot and then the Assistant will automatically generate a list on your Board that contains each Zap it receives.

Filling this Card with life, is super easy as Zapier let’s you populate the title, description, picture or link of your list with data from the trigger app.

Once your Zap is setup, the Card will then automatically appear in your Board as an Adaptive Card showing the details exactly as you set them up in the Zapier Editor.

Even better, this Adaptive Card made with Zapier can be simply edited using the Adaptive Card Designer in Digital Assistant. Just click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the card and hit Designer.

This will open the standard Adaptive Card in the Designer, where you can make more changes to the layout and insert even more data from the Zap drawing from the Sample Data Editor area that shows you the data as it has been received by the Assistant.

So this is the best way to make your own Adaptive Cards with any of the 4000+ apps Zapier is listing in its apps list.

New app: Sendinblue

A comprehensive email newsletter software that’s popular with developers, Sendinblue can now be integrated into your Digital Assistant Board thanks to our new Zapier partnership.

Just head over to the App Directory and install Sendinblue right now.

New app: Notion

Notion is a modern take on a database, that can be used to manage your work or manage projects. With the new app for Digital Assistant you can create a list card for your Board that shows you all updates from your Notion database. Head over to the App Directory now to install the Notion app.

New app: Google Sheets

As the “other” Excel, Google Sheets has become many people’s preferred spreadsheet that offers an extensive range of integrations. Now you can even get updates about new Google Sheets row directly as an Adaptive Card on your Digital Assistant Board. Just head over to the App Directory and install the Google Sheets app now.

New app: Google Sheets

Being the most widely used web forms provider, Google Forms submissions can now be sent directly to your Digital Assistant. With the new Google Forms app you can configure an Adaptive Card on your Digital Assistant Board that you can design any way you like. Check it out now, by heading over to the Google Forms listing in the App Directory.

New app: Facebook

With the Digital Assistant’s Facebook app you get an updates pushed to your Board, whenever your business page receives a new recommendation. You can see what rating you received and access the review to interact with your customer. Check out the Facebook app for Digital Assistant now.

New app: Calendly

As one of the large self-service booking apps for sales and customer care teams, Calendly can now send you updates straight to your Digital Assistant Board in the form of Adaptive Cards. Just head over to the Calendly app in the Digital Assistant App Directory.

New app: ActiveCampaign

A powerful marketing automation tool, ActiveCampaign updates can now be directly received on your Digital Assistant Board. Whenever ActiveCampaign triggers a new webhook, this app can add the content of your webhook to your Adaptive Card list that you can even customize to your needs. Start by going to the ActiveCampaign listing now.

Updated app: Airtable

We’ve redesigned the Airtable app to work through our integration partner Zapier. Now you can easily receive updates on your Digital Assistant Board whenever there is a new or updated record in any of your Airtable bases, as well as tables or views within them.

Previous Airtable users can continue to use the integration as before, but you can access the new version anytime by navigating to the Airtable App Directory listing.


That was it for June, a full nine new updates to the Assistant. Do you think having Zapier as a gateway to 4000+ apps is great way to enhance your Digital Assistant? Let us know in the comments.

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