New Chatbot channel available: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is rapidly picking up market share in the enterprise chat market, with over 200,000 organizations worldwide utilising teams as their chat collaboration tool of choice. But if you’re already using Teams, or considering transitioning towards it, you might be wondering whether you’re creating a holistic digital workplace environment for your workforce with Teams, or whether you’re just adding another app to the pile.

How to add a Digital Workplace to Microsoft Teams

One way to ensure that users find it fruitful to return to a new workplace application like Microsoft Teams is to ensure the app is adding value to their workday. Microsoft Teams makes this easy with the addition of ‘bots’ – apps which add extra functionality to the Microsoft Teams workspace.

Digital Assistant, the smart assistant for the workplace, offers a Microsoft Teams AI chatbot which allows users to ask questions, search and access their enterprise data and applications, and receive real-time personalized notifications from within Microsoft Teams. Digital Assistant also supports Adaptive Cards, so you can integrate Digital Assistant and your other business tools natively – and be confident that cards will render beautifully and consistently across your enterprise ecosystem.

This added functionality means Teams can become more than just a collaboration tool – you can create a seamless digital workplace experience for your employees, with next to no effort.

Integrate legacy systems into Microsoft Teams

You can integrate more than just cloud applications with Microsoft Teams. Digital Assistant is also capable of modernizing older legacy systems, like Oracle, SAP or IBM solutions, which are set to still be providing critical infrastructure and capabilities to enterprises for many more yearsMany employees still rely on these applications on a day-to-day basis.

By providing secure access to your legacy software and systems from within Microsoft Teams, you can superchargeyour workplace productivity and breathe a new lease of life into old, tired systems.

But how easy is it to integrate a legacy solution into Microsoft Teams? Let’s take a look:

1. Create a Connector

Digital Assistant Connectors utilise  Push and pull APIs

First you need to create the connection between your data source and Digital Assistant. There are dozens of integrations Digital Assistant supports out-of-the-box, but you can also create your own database connectors by writing your own SQL Statements or using our universal nodeJS Conector.

2. Pick a Card layout

Multiple Card layouts are supported, including Adaptive Cards

Every platform formats lists, texts and buttons slightly differently so in Digital Assistant you just select one high level template and then Digital Assistant takes care of serving the the best formatting that is offered by each platform; in the case of Microsoft Teams, that means leveraging the Adaptive Cards layout.

3. Add the Digital Assistant app to Microsoft teams

Get the Digital Assistant app for Microsoft Teams

Finally you can add our Digital Assistant app from the App and Services store for Microsoft Teams and then ask your Digital Assistant chatbot anything – from how much PTO you have left, to requesting your latest Salesforce sales report, to searching through your legacy databases for information.

Ready to transform Microsoft Teams into your Digital Employee Experience platform?

Adaptive Cards are available “In Preview” as of publishing this article, but we can already show you a live demo of this technology today. Just fill out the details below and we will be in touch for a 20 minute no-obligation demo.

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