Smart Assistant chatbot for Workplace by Facebook released

Digital Assistant for Workplace by Facebook is on its way and coming to a Workplace near you! Supercharge your digital employee experience with direct access to your smart assistant from anywhere in your Workplace.

The Digital Assistant enterprise chatbot platform for Workplace by Facebook transforms your existing Workplace, providing extra functionality and integration to your business apps and data without any extra effort. Connect your entire organization and create a seamless digital workplace experience by integrating your enterprise data and tools directly into your workplace. Digital Assistant helps you break down the barriers between collaboration and work smarter than ever before.

Digital Assistant enterprise chatbot platform for Workplace by Facebook

Ask your enterprise chatbot anything and get an intelligent, personalized response, or kick off requests and workflows without having to stop what you’re doing. With Digital Assistant for workplace, your workforce can save valuable time and energy switching between apps and searching for information and focus on what’s important. And because Digital Assistant uses secure encrypted APIs to communicate with your enterprise applications, you can be confident that your data is safe and protected.

Here’s how you can improve your digital employee experience in three easy steps:

  1. Install the Digital Assistant bot to your Workplace
  2. Open a conversation with the Digital Assistant bot
  3. Ask your smart assistant anything

It’s just that easy. You can even tag Digital Assistant in comments or posts, and your smart assistant will respond to your request as a comment. Get direct access to all of your files and information from within your enterprise, start requests, manage workflows and more – and share whatever you need with your team, with the knowledge that everything is safe and secure.

Digital Assistant for Workplace by Facebook will be available soon – you can find more information in the Card Hub. Want to be the first to know when you can get it? Follow us on Twitter for updates.

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