Embed your entire dashboard into SharePoint

With Card maker you could already embed individual Adaptive Cards as web parts in SharePoint.

We heard from users that shuffling and arranging multiple such web parts consumes time. Instead, they would like to simply embed their entire personal dashboard into a SharePoint page. That way you can manage the layout of your Adaptive Cards on adenin.com in the knowledge that rearranging, adding or removing any will be in sync with what’s shown in SharePoint.

Adaptive Cards dashboard in SharePoint

This is why we developed the Adaptive Cards dashboard for SharePoint. It’s projects your entire personal dashboard from adenin.com onto a single web part. Once added to your SharePoint page, it should automatically connect to your adenin.com account and pull in your dashboard. This new channel is now available from the Channel listing.

Having a personal dashboard inside a SharePoint page has multiple benefits:

  • Set and forget: You simply need to add a single web part to a given SharePoint page, and then don’t have to come to check if all the Adaptive Cards look as expected, are connected properly, etc. as these tasks will be handled inside the adenin.com personal dashboard
  • Easy to advertise other apps to users: The blue ‘+’ icon on the dashboard web part is an easy way for users to discover what other apps are available on your adenin.com instance so they can discover them easily without leaving SharePoint
  • Ubiquitous: the personal dashboard is available on multiple channels, such as Microsoft Teams or Outlook, so you can view your Adaptive Cars in the same
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