Make it your own with new customization options

We’re excited to tell you about the new theme customization options for your personal dashboard. Choose from our dashing backgrounds, glass-like Card appearance, as well as custom color and font options. We’ve also improved dark mode which now offers you more adjustments that you can easily preview in the Theme Designer.

To enable a new background image go to the Background menu and either select an image or enter a custom image URL. The border radius and glass-like opacity setting for Cards is in the Cards menu.

To check what your theme looks like in either dark or light mode click the ☀️/🌙 button in the left-hand side menu.

The improved Theme Designer with more options including backgrounds

Now there’s no excuse not to put your own stamp on adenin’s Out-of-the-box dashboard. Add some colour and start customizing your experience right now by clicking on ⚙️ SettingsCustomize Theme.

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