Quickly check your personal dashboard in MS Edge

We are excited to share some news that many of you have eagerly awaited: adenin’s personal dashboard is now available as an extension for Microsoft Edge!

Our mission has always been to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. Recognizing the growing popularity and the robust capabilities of Microsoft Edge, it was only logical for us to extend our innovative solution to this platform.

Why use the adenin Edge extension?

  1. Unified Work Apps: Seamlessly view all your essential work applications, APIs, and databases in one consolidated space.
  2. Custom Widgets: Craft bespoke widgets to tailor your dashboard to your unique needs.
  3. Real-time Notifications: Stay on top of changes with immediate alerts.
  4. Extensive Integration: From ServiceNow to Hubspot, monday.com to Salesforce, integrate a wide array of work apps from our App Directory.
  5. Adaptive Card Designer: Enjoy the simplicity of customizing your dashboard using Microsoft’s open-source standards.
  6. Multifunctional Chatbot: Engage in richer interactions with a chatbot that effortlessly displays your widgets on platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Alexa.

Switching between tabs and platforms is a thing of the past. With adenin’s Edge extension, you can supercharge your efficiency and manage your tasks effortlessly.

Get Started Today!

Installing our extension is quick, intuitive, and promises a transformative experience. So why wait? Elevate your Microsoft Edge browsing experience by downloading the Edge extension today.

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