November ’20 updates: Webhook integrations & Alexa skill

In one of the larger updates of the year, we’re excited to release features around Webhook integration and release a new Alexa Skill.

1. Create Cards and Notifications via Webhook

A sample flow chart in Digital Assistant, which uses a webhook trigger to send an email to a user
View of a Flow with a Webhook receiver as the trigger

Many applications, e.g. Netlify, Shopify, Stripe & many more, offer Webhooks as a way to push events to other sources. Digital Assistant was previously able to create notifications based on API calls where it checked for new/unseen entries and then determined which ones to notify the user with.

But with our new Webhook integration you can now create Webhook listeners that trigger Flows. Flows let you define all kinds of actions, like creating approvals, sending emails, or creating lists and notifications.

You can now create your own Webhook-based Flows from the App Directory

2. New Alexa Skill generally available

Illustration of Digital Assistant sending responses on an Alexa Show, an Alexa Echo and an Alexa Echo Spot

Our redeveloped Alexa Skill now supports better support for dashboards and charts on Alexa devices like Echo Show. After having been available as a beta feature, we’re now excited to release the Skill for general availability.

You can enable the new skill from the Alexa App Directory listing

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