May ’22 update: It’s app-bout time

In the first quarter we’ve done a lot of under-the-hood upgrades to our new React stack, which meant there weren’t all that many new features we could’ve written about.

But that’s changing now, so fasten your seat belt and stow that tray table. 😉

Generally available: Microsoft Teams app

We’re now in store with Microsoft AppSource, which means you no longer have to manually deploy the Digital Assistant app to Microsoft Teams. Instead just head over to the Microsoft Teams store, and you’re golden.


Just add Digital Assistant to your Microsoft Teams directly from the app


Updated app: To Do

Microsoft’s To Do app, which is at the heart of tasks in Outlook, now has a new home on your Board. Just add it and you see all your tasks, divided into different lists. And when you’re done with a task, hit that checkbox icon to virtually strike it off.


The updated To Do app is now available in the App Directory


Updated app: OneNote

The OneNote app for Digital Assistant has gotten a little makeover. Now based on React, and no longer reserved for the Plus plan, it shows you your recently modified notebooks in a convenient list. You can also make your own Adaptive Cards that use data from OneNote’s Graph API.

Previous versions of OneNote remain active, but you can upgrade anytime by going to the listing and clicking Install now.


The updated OneNote integration is available in the App Directory right now


Updated app: SharePoint

The SharePoint app for Digital Assistant has been recreated as a React Card, which means it now works and refreshes faster. The new Card, just like the old one, shows you the SharePoint sites you’re following which makes the Card a great springboard into your SharePoint, if you will.

Plus, you can create your own SharePoint Adaptive Cards now once the app is installed.


The updated SharePoint app is available in the App Directory right now


New app: Webex

Previously available as a chatbot channel, Webex is now also available as a convenient Card that shows you your recent conversations. No more workplace FOMO when you use Webex to chat with your team.


The new Webex app is now available in the App Directory


Updated: New login screen

Just given the login page a snazzy new look. Did you get our metaphor how the bridge background signifies connecting with a big, industrious city just like Digital Assistant connects with a vast network of enterprise apps. 😉


We hope you will enjoy these updates. Any questions? Leave a comment below or ping someone from the team anytime, and we’ll be glad to assist.

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