Manage your or your team’s Outlook inbox

We’ve overhauled our Outlook app which now offer many more ways to view various aspects of your emails

  • You can easily access shared mailboxes, which is ideal for when a team of people uses the same mailbox for things like sales, support or info adresses
  • Get a more beautiful Card for your regular inbox, or a card that seperates Focused and Other emails for those users that use that feature in Outlook
  • See only flagged emails in a dedicated card, so you can easily keep a look on your most important issues
  • Get a revamped regular inbox card that shows you your unread emails, along with their importance, attachments, and more.

Outlook is an important part for most users, and with this new arrangement of cards it will be super easy for you to monitor your inboxes; whether you have just one or a dozen.

To start using the new Outlook cards, simply add the app on your dashboard and pick from one of the available data sources.

Did you know you can even get your entire adenin dashboard in Outlook’s web version? Check it out. What else should we do next? Let us know in the comments.

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