December ’21 update: Blazing-fast Board, new Smartsheet connector

Each month, we like to highlight some of the changes and features we’re adding to Digital Assistant to make it more powerful, functional and accessible. This December is no exception—and we’ve been working hard to bring you some big product updates. Read on to learn what’s new.

New React-powered board

Your Assistant’s Board has never looked so good. Last month we announced React-based custom SPAs for Plus plans and up. After the amazing feedback we received from our users, we’re so excited to announce that we’re rolling out our new React-powered Board experience to all users. And what an experience it is!

Digital Assistant's new React-based board, displaying numerous Cards from connected apps

We know your time is important to you; that’s why we’ve prioritised faster loading speeds, faster updates from your connected apps, and faster responses from your Assistant. It’s also easier than ever for you to rearrange your Board exactly how you like it, and curate the Cards you want to display. Home sweet home!

Speaking of home, your Assistant has a new one – in it’s own sidebar. We know that your Assistant is at the centre of your workflow. This change is directly aimed at making it easier to access and interact with your Assistant, but also allows you to keep your Board accessible for those at-a-glance updates.

The new Digital Assistant sidebar.  The user has asked the Assistant 'Show me my pending approvals'. The Assistant has responded with an Approvals Card

We hope you’ll agree that these exciting new features will help you to stay productive and organized, whilst keeping your data at your fingertips.

You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of the new Board—your existing Board will automatically be upgraded to the new, blazing-fast React-powered version.

New app: Smartsheet

Want to keep an eye on your tasks, issues or campaigns from your Assistant? Now you can! We’re happy to announce that the popular collaboration tool Smartsheet is now available in the App Directory.

A sample Adaptive Card using the Smartsheet connector, built with Digital Assistant

You can connect your Assistant to Smartsheet with one click, then use our handy Adaptive Cards designer to build beautiful Adaptive Cards. Display useful information on your Board from Smartsheet, such as reports, data from your sheets, workspaces, tasks and more.

You can add the new Smartsheet connector to your Digital Assistant from the App Directory with just a click!

That’s all for now. Look out for more features and exciting additions to the App Directory in the new year!

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