Keep track of your business accounts with Xero

With our new Bank balances data source for Xero you can easily have all your accounts on your dashboard. This new integration shows the closing balances of all your bank accounts so that you can easily see which accounts go up, and which ones down. By clicking any of the accounts you’re taken directly to the statement page on your Xero account. This makes it easier to monitor your organizations’ finances, especially if you’re not a full time accountant but want to keep an eye on things.

To add this new integration from Xero to your adenin dashboard, simply head over to the Xero app listing in our App Directory and then select the Bank Balances data source.

To keep your account balances hidden, simply resize the card so it’s either 1×1 or 2×1 in size and the Summary view will only show the trend of of the first account.

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