The adenin 2023 Summer release: Better SharePoint apps, make custom apps and new share menu

The team has been very busy improving the adenin platform with new features, that make the work lives of our users better and better every day. Here’s a summary of all the new features that are now available on adenin:

Card maker for SharePoint & Viva

We’ve improved the experience of using the Card maker app that’s available for SharePoint or Viva. Along with the previous option to Add an Adaptive Card you can now also Add a connected Card which lets you directly connect to one of the many applications from our App Directory.

Furthermore Card maker now lets you toggle the title of a Card as well as a border to make it look more like Card with a slight drop shadow.

Connected search for SharePoint

We’ve now simplified how to use the Connected search web part in connection with PnP Modern Search, a popular search plugin library for SharePoint. Simply toggle the Connect with other web parts toggle and then select your PnP search input from the Pick an available source dropdown.

Share Cards with other apps

Adaptive Cards are designed to be portable so they can be embedded into other workplace tools with ease, for example to enhance your intranet or offer chatbot capabilities. With our new Share menu it is now easy to see all your options in one spot, either copy the unique Card Share URL or follow instructions for each companion channels like Microsoft Teams, WordPress, etc.

Upload your own apps

Despite our focus on having the broadest possible selection of apps in our App Directory, we recognize that organizations will always use more apps, sometimes built internally, than we can offer.

We understand how crucial it is for customers to have all their apps in their adenin, for it to truly become a dashboard users can rely on. So you can now create your own apps using an OpenAPI file, a standard format used by most RESTful APIs. Simply follow the prompts and adenin will establish a secure connection and provide you live data to your Adaptive Card project.

Unread state

We created a clever mechanism that detects when there is something new for you on a Card and put a little blue dot on it. This makes it easy for you to spot what’s relevant on your dashboard.

We filter out irrelevant changes, such as when older content changes, a list empties, etc. giving you the confidence that, from now on, the blue dot is an indicator that simply catches your eye.

To dismiss a blue dot, simply click on it. The unread state can be disabled for a Card by going to ⚙️ → Manage your Board and untick Subscribe to notifications.

New apps

We’ve also been busy adding new apps to the App Directory

RSS Feed

Seamlessly aggregate and display your favorite RSS feeds on a user-friendly dashboard, allowing real-time monitoring and easy access to the most current news and updates


Integration with IFrame transforms your dashboard into a dynamic information hub, embedding web content directly onto your dashboard, providing up-to-date information without needing to navigate away

Microsoft Teams Shifts

Simplify workforce management with our Microsoft Teams Shifts integration, offering a visual, interactive display of your team’s schedules and availability, fostering efficient coordination and collaboration


Streamline your branding efforts with our Rebrandly integration, allowing you to create, track, and manage custom-branded short URLs directly from your dashboard for optimal brand visibility and link management


Leveraging Redash integration, our SaaS app brings your data visualizations to your fingertips, providing interactive and intuitive graphs, charts, and reports directly on your dashboard for smarter decision-making

New Relic

Enhance your application performance monitoring with the New Relic integration, presenting real-time data about your software’s operation directly on your dashboard, driving efficient issue resolution and ensuring optimal performance


Integrating Netlify with adenin app empowers you with direct visibility into your web projects’ deployment status and performance metrics, all displayed on a concise, intuitive dashboard for efficient web development and management.

Leverage the power of our integration to bring your log data and system metrics onto a single screen. Gain immediate insights into system performance, allowing for swift issue detection and resolution, all from your user-friendly dashboard.

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