The adenin 2023 Spring Release: New features for SharePoint users and new apps

With SharePoint and Viva Connections driving a new wave of improving the employee’s intranet experience, we’ve been hard at work to further improve the Adenin platform integration with those two products.

Introducing App Connections for Viva and SharePoint

This is a new web part that automatically (or as we call it, automagically) creates lists from the over 100 apps in our App Directory, such as ServiceNow, Hubspot, Workday, and many more.

With App Connections users can:

  • Instantly pull in data from many business applications, to enrich individual SharePoint pages or combine multiple data sources into one cohesive experience
  • Build a full-scale Dashboard with Viva Connections that connects to your external data sources
  • Get connected Adaptive Cards for SharePoint pages or Viva Connections without requiring a single line of code
  • Easily customize Cards with the built-in low code Adaptive Card Designer

To start simply head over to Microsoft App Source and install the app to your SharePoint & Viva Connections.

New app adding experience

It is now easier to add your favorite apps to your Board or an existing Adaptive Card’s design. Simply click the plus icon on your dashboard, or the Connect to data source button and you will see a new app connection form. This form allows you to easily browse available apps, pick their respective data sources and authorize your connection – all in one fell swoop.

New and updated apps


With the new Confluence app you get a convenient list of your new and updated or your favorited Confluence pages, conveniently on your Board. Gone are the times when you have to manually search and hunt for the correct Confluence space, because this Card is always available on your dashboard.


In this update, we’ve now added the ability to conveniently open new Zendesk tickets from your dashboard. The new Card has a subject, comment and priority field and be simply pinned to your Board, or invoked sporadically by asking the built-in chatbot to open a new case.


This update lets you also retrieve an individual Airtable record over and over, which is perfect is a certain record in your base collects summaries of the entire Base and you just want to show that row in your Adaptive Card


With this update to Notion it is now possible to receive a lot more data sources, such as retrieving blocks, databases, pages, properties, block children, comments or users.


With the new MongoDB connector you can make Adaptive Cards for your projects out of your databases. Simply connect to your instance and run your own queries.


We updated the Trello app which is now available on all plans. It now shows you two Cards, one for your favorited Boards and one for all your Trello notifications.

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