10 best SharePoint integrations

Having always been a popular Intranet platform, in recent years SharePoint has become ubiquitous. In part thanks to Viva Connections, a new set of features that improve employee engagement. Through Microsoft App Source, organizations find apps and extensions that suit their particular needs, for example to include data from outside sources like IT tickets, holiday allowances, lunch menus, etc.

This helps make SharePoint into a hub for all external data so users have to spend less time hunting for tabs, and can monitor things more conveniently and centrally. In this blog post we have summarized the 10 most popular business applications that organizations like to integrate into their SharePoint (or Viva Connections dashboard).


As the most popular CRM it is no surprise that Salesforce is the number one integration for SharePoint. Users like to get lists of their leads, opportunities or tickets as web parts that can be embedded on any page. Simply tweak the SOQL string to refine what type of list you want to see in your web part, all open leads, leads assigned to a particular user, tickets that are overdue by six hours or more, etc.

How to get the Salesforce integration for SharePoint

Simply add the App Connections web part to your SharePoint page or Viva Connections dashboard, click + Connect to an app and select Salesforce in the configuration window.


Popular with help desks and internal service desks alike, users love to see their teams’ tickets and other metrics centrally on their SharePoint page or their Viva Connections dashboard.


The Hubspot integration for SharePoint easily ropes in your contacts, opportunities or tickets into a neat web part or Viva Connections Card. Simply add the app and easily monitor your CRM updates from within your SharePoint intranet.


Used by many large enterprises, ServiceNow has a wide range of use cases from tickets, issues, project management, time tracking, knowledge base to custom solutions. How convenient would it be to easily integrate data from your ServiceNow instance to create better team sites, departmental portals or personal dashboards for users? With the ServiceNow app for SharePoint that’s not a problem at all.


Used by many development teams, having Github issues show in SharePoint can be a neat way to create an overview of the current workload and priorities for the week. Either show a web part that filters issues assigned to the current user, or create an overview over all open issues in a particular repo or team. This is also handy as an Adaptive Card on Viva Connections dashboard.


Used for project management, as well as dev ops, the Jira app for SharePoint is a perfect web part for monitoring an on-going list of issues, ideas, user stories, etc. By editing the JQL query string you can modify what types of filters, assignees, types and so on you want to appear in your web part’s list or on your Viva Connections dashboard.


Another Atlassian favorite, Trello, is often used by marketing and project teams alike, from managing editorial calendars to creating easy Kanban-style boards for projects. Simply add the Trello app to your SharePoint and you can receive a list of all Trello notifications, or simply list all your starred Trello boards for easy bookmarking.

Google Workspace

Many organizations juggle both a Microsoft 365 and a Google Workspace environment, either to satisfy differing demands across teams, or through organizational quirks like mergers. Regardless, it’s very easy to integrate key Google applications into SharePoint, for example to keep track of calendars, inboxes or team Drives. Simply add your Google instance to your SharePoint web part and you can create real-time lists of the data from your Google Workspace products.


Often called the second brain, Notion has had stratospheric growth, as it is just so versatile. You can manage teams, store ideas, prioritize tasks and so much more. Therefore it’s only natural that Notion offers a wide-range of applications to integrate it into SharePoint and Viva Connections, as well.


As a popular newsletter, marketing and website service provider, Mailchimp is a staple for many marketing and comms teams. Keeping track of active landing pages, the latest campaign metrics and new subscribers is an often daily job for the team. But now you can easily monitor your Mailchimp metrics from within SharePoint, simply by placing your desired web parts on your SharePoint pages.


Those are our ten most popular SharePoint integrations. To get any of them simply start by adding the App Connection web part to your SharePoint page or Viva Connections dashboard. Did we miss any? What are apps are you integrating into SharePoint? Let us know in the comments below.

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