September ’21 update: New front-end, on-prem improvements

We’ve been working hard on a new version of the Assistant webapp, especially designed for enhanced customizability.

New SPA frontend

Illustration of Digital Assistant's front-end SPA architecture, showing version control tooling (Github, Gitlab), build tools (Netlify, Docker), a custom SPA and the Assistant server

We’ve got a new front-end based on React, that is open-source and 100% brandable by the tenant. Using the Gatsby site reactor, it is now possible to integrate the Digital Assistant within your existing Intranet stack.

The frontend is available on Plus cloud plans (deployment via Netlify CDN), or on-premises plans (for Enterprises) where deployment is handled via Docker containers.

This new frontend gives customers complete control over the look and feel of their UX, as they can freely modify the framework, customize the branding, as well as control the way cards are shown and managed.

If your organization wishes to take advantage of a forked version of our React frontend, please get in touch with your customer rep.

Board improvement: Drag-and-Drop

We’ve released a new Drag-and-Drop feature that’s now more robust, snappy and persistent across sessions. Granted, the old Drag-and-Drop wasn’t bad – but we’re perfectionists. 😉

Docker container performance improvement

Illustration of Digital Assistant's on-premisis architecture, showing an example of 3 separate docker containers running PostgreSQL and Elastic databases
On-premises architecture of Digital Assistant using 3 separate Docker containers

A new version of the Docker container for on-premises plans is available. Using Docker 20 the Assistant’s Board should now see a loading time improvement of 20% for first-time loads, increasing to 50% for page refreshes.

If your organization wants to download the Docker containers for the on-premise version of Digital Assistant, please speak to your customer rep or use the chat function.

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