May ’21 update: Zendesk, Freshservice, Webex Teams & more…

You may have heard, but we’re releasing exciting new features every month and May is no exception. Let’s get straight into what’s new.

New app: Zendesk

Digital Assistant Card using the Zendesk integration to display a list of tickets assigned to a user

One of the world’s foremost helpdesk applications, Zendesk, is now available as a Digital Assistant app. You can simply connect it to your Zendesk account in order to create Adaptive Cards, for example with all open tickets, unassigned tickets, SLA exceeding tickets, performance metrics, etc.

Zendesk is now available as an app from the App Directory

New app: Freshservice

Digital Assistant Card using the Freshservice integration to display a form, allowing a user to create a new ticket

A close relative of the popular Freshdesk, the internal helpdesk solution Freshservice, is now also available to customers. Just add the app to your Digital Assistant and you can quickly create Adaptive Cards with the Freshservice data. Examples include open tickets, tickets on hold, all tickets by status (chart) and many others.

You can simply add the Freshservice connector to Digital Assistant from the App Directory

Generally available: Webex Teams channel

Webex Teams app with the Digital Assistant integration installed, showing an Assistant response in the Webex chat

We’ve revamped the Webex Teams channel to now support Adaptive Cards. These allow you to see the same great Cards as you find them in the Digital Assistant web app or other chat channels like Microsoft Teams.

Webex Teams supports v1.2 of Adaptive Cards, but according to the developers some features may be made available at a later date.

You can now add the new Webex Teams chatbot channel to your Digital Assistant from the App Directory

Improved: Adaptive Cards with generated data

Three Digital Assistant Cards displaying demo data from Microsoft 365 and other demo sources

If you use Demo mode to showcase the Assistant to your team or prospective clients, you will now find all-new and beautiful Demo cards. These all made in Adaptive Cards and offer many in-line interactive elements, for example to comment on a ticket or fill out a form.

To try them out, simply enable Demo mode from your Admin area (if it is already enabled, disable it once first)

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