June ’20 updates: Better user onboarding and API monitoring

For June we have released a few minor tweaks aimed to enhance the Digital Assistant experience.

1. Social Logins

We’ve now added convenient sign ups to Digital Assistant which is supported by Microsoft products, Google or Github accounts. All you have to do is click on the service you’d like to use for authentication and your account will be authorized via the third party.

Social login buttons including Microsoft 365, Google and Github for Digital Assistant
Social logins now available for Digital Assistant

Using Social logins is inherently safer since users do not have to store another password and can revoke Digital Assistant’s access anytime they want.

Existing user accounts whose email address domains belong to Microsoft or Google will have their accounts linked to the respective service on their next login.

2. New Getting started page

Following user research, we’ve simplified the layout of the Get Started page. It is now divided into subsections and the layout makes it clearer that tasks aren’t a to-do list users have to work through one by one; it’s rather a suggested list of helpful resources.

New Digital Assistant user onboarding page

3. API Health monitoring

Especially since Digital Assistant caches certain data shown on Cards, it can be hard to immediately spot if a Card has stopped working due to an issue with its API. Some issues can be temporary in nature, others are more severe.

Digital Assistant push-pull API health monitoring
API health monitoring with simple traffig light indicators

To simplify troubleshooting connections, the Connectors menu now features a Health column that shows you an at-a-glance view of all your integrations’ health status:

  • If the Assistant has received data recently the status is shown as green
  • Yellow warnings indicate issues that have been observed but which may be temporary
  • Red errors mean the API is not working and will require admin intervention
  • Grey means a status is not available at this moment
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