IntelliEnterprise 15 released: New theme, Digital Assistant integration, and many more improvements

Today we’re releasing IntelliEnterprise Release 15 – the best release we’ve ever made. Find a brief overview over all the new features, and how to upgrade, in this blog post.

For a detailed view, please refer to the What’s New Guide.

New theme ‘Mersey’

In our latest theme we’ve meticulously redesigned major UI components and introduced new Portlets that create a modern, user-friendly experience for your users. Here are some highlights:

IntelliEnterprise 15 intranet with Mersey theme

Mersey style

The new default style in IntelliEnterprise features a fresh and professional new look. Using clean lines and contrasting colors, it’s a fuss-free and professional appearance, that doesn’t divert any attention away from the main content of the page. Particular attention was given to navigation elements, search results and property pages to improve usability and visual appeal.

New homepage experience

IntelliEnterprise 15 intranet with new homepage portlets
Three new Portlets create a completely new homepage that you can use to improve the Intranet’s branding

In keeping with a more modern user experience, we have created three new Portlets that customers can use to improve the appeal and usability of their Intranet’s landing page. The Portlets are from top to bottom:

  1. Announcement Bar
    This Portlet can show a singular Topic or news item in a horizontal bar. This is especially useful for important announcements or updates that you would like users to notice immediately upon opening the Intranet. The bar’s background color is adjustable, so you could choose a red shade for even more immediacy. The entire Announcement Bar can be dismissed by the user, however this would reset if there is a new announcement.
  2. Welcome Banner
    This is probably the largest single-use Portlet we have ever made. On the surface, it lets users start a search as simply as can be. But the Intranet team can customize the background image which would be a great opportunity to show a bold image that resonates with your brand, employees or local area.
  3. News Gallery
    Corporate news were given a much deserved new coat of paint with the new News Gallery Portlet. It can show a number of news topics in a grid of three, while each item’s background shows the “Teaser Image” metadata from the respective topic. This teaser image can be enabled as a metadata category from Edit Category → Metadata and then uploaded to each news article. You can also customize whether to show/hide the create or last modified date.

New UI renders

Many ‘harder to reach’ areas like the Edit Category, Edit topic properties and similar overlay menus have been given a completely new render to make them more user-friendly.

IntelliEnterprise 15 intranet with improved settings modals

Digital Assistant integration

We’ve made the integration between IntelliEnterprise and our award-winning Digital Assistant platform even better than it was before.

Digital Assistant Chatbot

Digital Assistant workplace chatbot

Just like in Digital Assistant, users now get a little chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of their Intranet. Clicking the chat button opens up the user’s personal bot which they can ask anything.

Using Natural Language Understanding, the bot matches a query to a user intent and displays the requested Card. As the user types, they will receive predictive and personalized query suggestions.

Cards securely pull live data from connected business applications and show them directly inside the Intranet, without requiring users to navigate to another tab. Cards can be connected to many existing business applications and are easily customized.

Notifications dropdown 

When data changes in connected applications, users can opt into receiving instant notifications about this. These would then be accessible from within a dropdown in IntelliEnterprise, e.g. when a new sales lead has been added to the CRM, a new ticket has been opened, etc.

Digital Assistant workplace app notifications inside intranet

To access the notifications users simply have to click on the bell icon in the top bar. Clicking on a notification allows users to fully open the Card, or manage their subscription status. 

Embedding Digital Assistant Cards and Boards

Digital Assistant Cards embedded in IntelliEnterprise intranet

Cards made with Digital Assistant are accessible from a wide array of channels, chiefly among them the dedicated web app for Digital Assistant. But Cards can also be embedded into IntelliEnterprise. This allows administrators to mix-and-match existing Portlets with Cards from the Assistant so pages can be enhanced by showing external data, i.e. files from cloud storage apps or a user’s remaining leave allowance, etc.

Digital Assistant board embedded in IntelliEnterprise intranet
Cards users have pinned to their Board can be viewed from their My Board page in IntelliEnterprise

The entire Board of a user can also be embedded as a separate page, bringing the Digital Assistant experience directly into the Intranet. 

Intelligent search results

Intranet search with enhanced search results from connected business apps
User’s get answer Cards when the AI engine has found a good match between the search query and available Cards

Search now includes results from the Digital Assistant’s AI engine. If the Assistant finds a matching Card, it will be shown directly above the regular search results. By just using natural language users can thus get real-time results from sources that could even be external to the Intranet.

Enhancing the regular Intranet search with Cards from the Assistant means users don’t have to separately go out to the Assistant. 

How to get Digital Assistant?

Digital Assistant is free to start with it’s own Free plan. With Release 15 we have introduced a bundle option for IntelliEnterprise customers.

Stepping up to a paid plain with Digital Assistant, existing IntelliEnterprise customers can get discounts of up to 90% on the annual plans (depending on the number of users). Check the pricing page for current prices or contact your customer rep at moc.nineda@sremotsuc for a quote today.

Enterprise Social improvements

Yammer Portlet

For users of Yammer we now offer an integration for either your own or a specific feed. The feed shows all posts in order and lets users react and comment inline, as well as open the entire conversation in a new tab. You can even post updates to Yammer and select the group or people you want to send it to.

New Yammer feed inside IntelliEnterprise intranet software

Topic liking and comments

As an alternative to star ratings, administrators can now enable Likes. Users will then like individual topics, and see who else has liked it. Clicking the “Like” button again “Unlikes” the topic.

Likes and comments system in IntelliEnterprise intranet software

Individual comments and comment replies can also be liked and will show other users that have already like them. Users can now reply to comments by clicking the “Reply” button. The author of the comment will receive an email notification when a reply has been published.

How to upgrade

If you’re using an earlier version of IntelliEnterprise, upgrading is very easy and will take under 2 hours of downtime.

Customers with an Update and Support subscription

If you hold a current support and update agreement you can simply download the latest version of IntelliEnterprise from our Extranet. To install, simply follow the installation instructions included in the What’s New Guide.

Not sure if you have a current subscription?
Just email moc.nineda@sremotsuc and we’ll look up your status based on your company domain.

Customers without a current subscription

We’d be happy to welcome you back as a subscription holder by offering you a complimentary 30-day trial of R15 along with full and unlimited Support during this time. Please reach out to your customer rep or email moc.nineda@sremotsuc to find out more.

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