August ’22 updates: Big UI updates, new SharePoint channel & apps

Digital Assistant has hit the gym and is looking ready for the summer. So trim and sleek, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a completely new product. 😉

Updated feature: New sidebars

We’ve consolidated different administration and configuration panels into one new Manage your Assistant sidebar. It’s sleek, and offers you direct access to your most important Digital Assistant features, e.g. All Cards, Channels, Creating new Adaptive Cards, etc.

To open it simply click on the three dots icon in your menu bar.

Updated feature: QnA knowledge

Out with the old stodgy form, and in with our revamped QnA knowledge feature. It’s now much easier to create new QnA knowledge as the form is streamlined, loads quicker and is super snappy to edit. It is accompanied with an all-new grid that lets you filter for existing questions with ease.

Existing QnA Cards are automatically transferred to this new grid. To access it simply click on the settings sidebar button and select QnA Knowledge.

✨ Updated feature: Channels

Long being a sub-section in our App Directory, we’ve now made Channels their own section on our website and overhauled the way they are integrated into the Digital Assistant app. To check out the new channels simply go the Manage your Assistant sidebar and select Channels. Channel listings are now easier to follow, too, as most Channels let you add Digital Assistant to them with just one click.

Updated channel: SharePoint

We revamped our SharePoint add-in and it is now slicker to use than ever before. Just install the package and add the WebPart to any SharePoint site. Then you can add any Adaptive Card from your Board to a SharePoint site, just by copying a simple link from the Share menu of your Card.

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