Ask ChatGPT to get updates from your work apps

We’re happy to announce that our ChatGPT waitlist is now finished and all users can now start to use our adenin GPT chatbot. Simply head over to our channel and follow the Open adenin GPT button to get started.

Using adenin GPT is the first time you can conveniently connect dozens of work and intranet apps, such as SharePoint, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many others, to your ChatGPT account.

Using ChatGPT for work is ideal for organizing your tasks as it can reduce the number of tabs you have to keep open in order to monitor your work apps. In the future you can simply connect any of your work apps to ChatGPT via adenin and anytime you have a question about your work apps, just ask away.

Integrating work applications with ChatGPT offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in various workplace scenarios. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines work apps’ data access and automates routine tasks, significantly saving time and effort
  • Improved Collaboration and Communication: Facilitates smoother teamwork and project management, with personalized reminders and notifications
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Offers quick insights and analysis from large datasets from your work apps and APIs, aiding informed decision-making
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable: Reduces operational costs through and easily adapts to whatever work apps your organization uses. It can even be integrated into other channels such as your intranet or Microsoft Teams.

As a beta stage channel you may still encounter that some requests aren’t correctly routed to a corresponding card you have on your dashboard. To retrain adenin’s internal language processor, consider retraining cards that you want to improve the discoverability of. Find the card on your dashboard, and click the ··· button, followed by Edit in Designer. In the Designer then click on Add training phrases and add extra matches to the list.

Frequently asked questions about how to use ChatGPT for work

Will I need an adenin or OpenAI account for this work?

Yes, a free adenin account to access your work apps (with apps listed in the App Directory) is needed, along with a Plus plan OpenAI account.

Does OpenAI or adenin store any of my data?

adenin uses OAuth to retrieve and send your data to OpenAI, but doesn’t keep a copy of the same. You can revoke adenin’s authorization to access any of your apps anytime from the Linked accounts menu. OpenAI’s privacy policy contains information about what information is retained.

What can ChatGPT help me with?

It can retrieve answers from any of the apps you have connected to your adenin account, such as apps for Helpdesk, Intranets, Customer Relationship Management, and many other popular work apps listed in the App Directory.

What can I do if ChatGPT can’t answer my question?

You could try and retrain the Card you think ChatGPT should find. Go to the ··· button and click on Edit in Designer. In the Designer then click on Add training phrases and add extra matches to the list.

adenin GPT still isn’t finding my answer

As a beta product, sometimes matches can be incorrect. Please let adenin Support know via the chat at who will be happy to assist.

Does adenin GPT cost anything?

The adenin GPT channel is available on the free plan, and therefore doesn’t incur any extra charge.

We’d love to hear your feedback, please comment below or reach out to one of the team using the chat button on our website or from your personal dashboard.

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