The most popular workplace chatbot use case examples

It’s easy to find AI chatbot ideas for consumer or customer-facing applications, like shopping assistants, customer service or flight booking bots – almost any service can be reincarnated as a chatbot.

But if you’re looking to add an AI chatbot to your Intranet, you might wonder: What are popular use cases for chatbots in the enterprise?

Well, wonder no longer, because here we have the top 10 most popular use cases for internal chatbots:

1. Booking leave

Beach umbrella

Nothing captivates the spirit of what a chatbot can help you with better than the leave allowance. There isn’t a single company where this process is frictionless: You need to find the right policies, the remaining amount you can take, actually submit it, etc.

But anyone knows how to ask your Assistant buddy: “Hey how much leave can I take?” or “Book me some time off on October 23rd for 3 days.”


Digital Assistant Card showing information about a user's PTO allowance

2. Birthdays and anniversaries

Party hat

It’s so easy to forget someone’s birthday if you don’t have them on Facebook (We’ve all been there.) Yet it’s so easy to delight a trusted coworker with a greeting card, a cake or a meal on their special day. So having a quick and easy way to check out who’s birthdays or anniversaries are coming up makes total sense.

Bonus feature: You can dedicate your day to a good cause and ask coworkers to donate money to a charity of your choice in lieu of gifts.

Digital Assistant Card showing upcoming birthdays for team members

3. Lunch menu


If your workplace has a cafeteria, we don’t blame you for wanting to check out what the special is; who cares that it’s only 10.15am.
Let’s hope it’s lasagna (cause everybody loves lasagna)!

Added bonus: If you also have a smart card payment system, you could include the current prepaid balance for convenient reloading.

Digital Assistant Card showing a location-specific cafeteria menu to a user, as well as the user's cafeteria card balance

4. Task list


It doesn’t matter if we’re managing a project, developing something or are supporting customers: we all have a list of tasks that are next up for us.

Most of us will check their core applications multiple times a day but there are still some ancillary platforms where we loose track from time to time. (Say for a support agent it might be tasks from a bug tracking app, or for a project manager it might be an odd Kanban board)

So how cool would it be if you can just ask your chatbot: “What’s up next?” and it delivered you an aggregate of all those applications, especially those we don’t use everyday.

Digital Assistant Card showing a list of open issues from a Helpdesk application

5. Today’s meetings


You may think that you don’t need yet another calendar gizmo. But if you think about it: do you have a quick way to check what your meetings are for the day? Exactly, so you’ll certainly love this cool agenda that shows all the upcoming meetings and their locations.

With an added bonus: If a meeting is online, this calendar magically extracts those details to show you a convenient one-click “Join meeting” button. Works works with almost all meeting platforms (GoToMeeting, Webex, Zoom, many others…) and saves you opening the meeting manually.

Digital Assistant Card showing an overview of today's calendar events for a user, with quick-action buttons

6. Approvals and workflows


If you’re a manager, you know how hard it is to stay on top of approvals. Many organizations have separate platforms between departments, so you could quickly look at having to juggle 5-6 different platforms for PTO requests, IT security, document approval, etc.

Can you imagine a simple chatbot tool that just aggregates all your approvals into one format? So you can just say “Hey chatbot, what are my approvals?” and it delivers.

Well, if you can imagine that… you can get it!

Digital Assistant Cards for managing workflows and approvals such as travel expenses. Cards also have action buttons to perform actions instantly.

7. Important emails

Important email

*phone rings*
Your boss: Hey why didn’t you reply to my email?”
You: 👀

We’ve all been there: that important email from our manager, a client or a customer that we completely forgot about. Honestly, with the amount of spam you need to fight everyday, who wouldn’t sometimes slip up?

But for an enterprise chatbot it’s super easy to inform the user about potentially important emails that have action words like “urgent” in them, are from your manager or were maybe flagged by you for follow-up.

It’s just a simple utility, but it may one day make all the difference…

Digital Assistant Card showing an overview of a user's email inbox, highlighting important and overdue emails.

8. Server Status

No signal

You could be the best tech guy, but there is always an unexpected server issue or a build-breaking bug that makes your app or website inaccessible to customers.

Naturally this should be avoided at all costs, and having an AI chatbot that flashes outages up as soon as they happen goes a long way to minimize the disruption to the business. It just makes sense.

Digital Assistant Card showing the current server status for a user's organization

9. Meeting room status

Open sign

At the airport we can check departure boards, on Google Maps we can check if a store is open; but can you quickly check what meeting room to go to?

There is so much smart conference room tech, but this simple question nevertheless involves clicking around 2-3 times on some booking platform. Well not any longer, with this Card your enterprise chatbot can instantly show you what rooms are free.

Digital Assistant Card showing a location-specific list of meeting rooms and their availability

10. Company stock price


The stock quote is a big reason for Fortune 500 companies to try and do better every day. Maybe your company pays you with stock options or your department’s budget is influenced by it.

Whatever the reason, with this Card you can conveniently check with your Intranet workplace chatbot and get some of the latest headlines that investors are interested in.

Digital Assistant Card showing a graph of the company stock price and a recent news feed

And there you have it. The 10 most popular use cases for enterprise chat bots. Hopefully you found some useful examples, but if you didn’t or you think we missed one; then please leave a comment below.

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