January ’21 update: New header and Microsoft 365 features

For our first update of the year we have rolled out some improvements to the Digital Assistant web app and Microsoft 365 integration.

1. Web app improvement

Board view of Digital Assistant populated with demo data from different business applications

We’ve redesigned the top header in Digital Assistant so it now offers a more compact layout, leaving more space for users’ My Board which can now display up to 3 columns across on big screens.

The chatbot dropdown has now moved into its own web chat button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

The Digital Assistant chatbot in it's expanded state, displaying data in a pie chart on an Open Issues by Priority card

2. Avatar from Microsoft 365

An example user profile in Digital Assistant, showing that the user is authenticated via Microsoft 365

Along with the new header we have rolled out a new feature around profile photos. Users that are connected to their Microsoft 365 account via OpenID will now automatically see their regular avatar displayed in Digital Assistant.

An icon will indicate if the account is externally managed, thus options to reset the password or change the profile photo are not available.

3. Ask Digital Assistant in Teams conversations

A Digital Assistant Card response inside a Microsoft Teams channel

Digital Assistant can now be added as a bot to conversations you have with other users or within team channels.

After you have added Digital Assistant you can ask it anything you would normally, but Digital Assistant will instead answer as part of the conversation.

Digital Assistant can be accessed in Microsoft Teams by mentioning it in a message

This is useful for example to share a Card or workflow with a colleague or team.

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