October ’20 updates: Make Cards from RSS Feeds

We’ve been busy making some great improvements to Digital Assistant this October! Here’s a quick overview of what to keep an eye out for in your Assistant.

1. Build RSS Feed Cards in seconds

Earlier this year we introduced an easy way to create custom Cards for any API using Postman. We’ve received some great positive user feedback about this feature, but we wanted to make it even easier for you to create Cards from any data source.

You can now use our easy-to-use RSS feed loader to create Cards for your Assistant from any RSS or ATOM feed! It’s as simple as entering a feed URL, customizing a few options and uploading the Postman collection to your Digital Assistant – your new Cards will be instantly available in your Assistant.

RSS feed wizard being used to create a new Digital Assistant Card from the CNN RSS feed
The RSS feed wizard automatically gathers all of the information it needs to create a Card in one click

RSS Feed Cards are fantastic for displaying lists of data – whether it’s showing news from an online publications, creating custom list Cards in RSS format, or for specific use cases like showing local transportation updates or internal company news. They’re great for so many different use-cases, so we hope you try and love our new wizard!

Digital Assistant Card showing SharePoint announcements from an RSS feed URL
This Digital Assistant Card was built from a SharePoint RSS feed

2. Easily add Assistant to your other apps

Your Assistant already works everywhere you work, thanks to the huge range of Channels Digital Assistant supports. You told us you wanted it to be easier to add your Assistant to different apps, and we listened – so we’ve added a quick and easy way for any user to add the Digital Assistant app to any channel.

Digital Assistant interface showing new 'Add my Assistant to' buttons

Users can find quick-access buttons in the My Profile menu for enabled channels. Just click the Channel you want to add, and you’ll go directly to that app – if you already have Digital Assistant installed, you can also use the menu to get to that app quickly. Administrators can additionally use the More button to quickly access the Channels administration page.

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