Feature announcement: Create custom Cards with Postman

You can now rapidly create Cards with your own API data using Postman as the foundation.

Postman is a universal API development tool that is used to create developer-friendly APIs as well as used to consume and connect to other existing APIs. As such, the tool is used by over half a million companies, making an oft-requested starting point to create custom Cards with.

You can now upload Collections made in Postman as a new combination of Connector + Cards to your Digital Assistant.

Upload Postman collections to Digital Assistant to create Cards easily
Upload a Postman Collection to Digital Assistant

Following the steps from our documentation, your Collection will contain everything you need. The query and authorization, but also the Card type, default Utterances and source icon can be defined. After you upload your Collection, you can select which of the included Cards you want to actually add to your Assistant.

Select requests from uploaded Postman collections to turn them into Digital Assistant Cards

Once you selected the Cards you need, users can instantly find them with the built-in utterances in the chatbot.

Cards created from Postman collections are instantly available in Digital Assistant
Cards instantly appear in the Assistant

If you want to test this new feature, head over to your Card Hub and select Add Cards from a Postman collection.

Make your own Cards with Postman collections and upload them in seconds from the App Directory in your Assistant

Let us know if you were able to create new Cards for your Assistant in the comments below.

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