• What is and what isn’t the digital workplace?

    It is perhaps the most confused buzzword on the Internet recently. The digital workplace that claims to eliminate all your workplace chores. Let’s cut through the Clouds and see what it’s all about.

    What Gartner says

    If there was something like a legislative institution for business software and upcoming trends, it’s name would be Gartner. And according to Gartner the Digital Workplace

    enables new, more effective ways …

  • Join us at the Gilbane Conference in December

    We will be attending the 2015 Gilbane Conference this December in Boston, MA and hope to see some of you attending our session. Our CEO Martin Amm will explain how Google Polymer allowed to build a Digital Workplace using modern HTML5 standards.

    Using Google Polymer as the underlying technology for this case study, we have been able to build fast and fluid applications that organizations can use across devices and browsers to create a modern …

  • Thoughts on Intranets

    In recent time it seems ‘mobile Intranets’ are becoming a ubiquitous addition to the traditional ‘Intranet portal’. What users mostly end up with is just a mobile access to the pages in their Intranet. In this article we are going to share a few thoughts about why this is not the best solution to leverage mobile devices – and how a holistic new school of thought can help us work more productively in the digital age. …

  • Enterprise IT-as-a-Service – buzzword or buzz kill?

    Before you begin, notice how here we explore Enterprise IT-as-a-Service, not Enterprise as a Service; two similar sounding but entirely different animals.

    Broadly speaking the Enterprise IT-as-a-Service idea sees IT evolve away from being the centralized technology monopoly to being a technology “utility” provider. As such departments have virtually free choice to apply technology the way that best fits their business case. …

  • What is Digital Transformation?

    It’s the buzzword of the year, at least. Either your organization knows how to go with the digital flow or you go bust. But what even is 'digital transformation'? Let’s revisit a few key aspects.

    Like so many disruptive trends the digital transformation, too, affects businesses as much as consumers, but even governments, media, art and science can’t hide from it. Surprising then that a 2011 MIT study found that only a …

  • Introducing Mobility Portal Server

    Next Generation of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) With Hybrid Source Connectors

    Boston, MA – September 30, 2015 – adenin today announced Mobility Portal Server, a next generation Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). It offers a holistic approach to unifying existing data and making HTML5 apps. With the advances in Enterprise Mobility progressive organizations need to find a way to effectively enable their …

  • Introducing Now Workplace for IntelliEnterprise

    Introducing Now Workplace for IntelliEnterprise — The Digital Workplace Add-on for IntelliEnterprise Intranet Suite

    Boston, MA — 22th June 2015 — adenin today unveiled Now Workplace, a new extension for IntelliEnterprise that gives enterprises all the tools they need to empower a digital workforce.

    The right data, at just the right time. Now Workplace is a new kind of mobile-first app that surfaces contextually relevant …

  • What's A Wireframe? Why Do You Need It?

    A “wireframe” is a simple sketch or schematic diagram representing the content and functionality of a single web page. A set of multiple wireframes representing an entire intranet becomes the prototype, or model of the site to come. Since they are quick to create and easy to change, wireframes are an integral part of the web design and development process.

    Wireframes help everyone understand what a site needs to look like before a …

  • Onboarding is key to user retention

    Bringing desktop apps to a mobile experience can be a dream come true for some users, while others tend to find a conversion a bit of a struggle. The key to a successful app lies in the retention rate of users: Can your app be so good/even better than the desktop version so that even non-power users want to come back?

    Let them have an "Aha" moment quickly

    When Twitter was seeing new users to their app returning less and less they researched …

  • 5 questions to determine if you need a stand-alone native app

    You can probably imagine a situation where managers or power users demand a native business app to run on their iPads and phones. And despite numerous drawbacks of native apps vs. web apps you will hear justifications why web apps aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. So here are five questions we recommend are good guideline to decide whether a native app is actually a venture worth having.

    Is the service you’re planning to …

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