• Let’s be honest: Digital transformation is tough

    Whenever you read an IT-focused magazine, newsletter or webinar invitation – “digital” tends to be the most reliably hyped topic. Going digital is the new priority for any organization that wants to be progressive: Mobile apps for employees and customers, online customer service or social media competence aren’t just for the GM’s and Coca-Cola’s in this world anymore.

    Digital transformation tools …

  • All the things that are wrong with your Intranet

    Every organization faces competitive pressures to stay relevant, lean and ahead of the curve. On the one hand that means employees should be able to make informed decisions quicker and quicker, yet on the other hand the data in the world is doubling every 18 months. What has however remained unchanged, for the most part, is the software with which businesses support their employees. Many of today’s most popular programs–CRM, ERP, …

  • Review of Intra.net Reloaded Boston 2016

    Just over a week after the fantastic 2016 Intra.Net Reloaded conference in Boston, we wanted to share a quick recap of our presentation "What if Intranets were smart? How AI Assistants can turn any Intranet into a Digital Workplace genius."Our team really enjoyed getting to hear so many fantastic use cases for Cards, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to stitch together various different backends inside a smart …

  • Join us at the Intranet Reloaded Conference in April

    We will be attending the 2016 Intra.Net Reloaded Conference this April 21-22 in Boston, MA and hope to see some of you attending our session. Our Analyst Henry Amm will be on the first day at 11.30am.

    The topic will be centred around smarter Intranets, and how AI could help solve the Digital Workplace dilemma that Intranets so far struggle to live up to.

    Intranets are great at connecting people with data. But not at connecting different …

  • Another word for ‘digital workplace’?

    The hype around ‘digital workplaces’ is clouded with a lot of inside baseball. Since all the definitions that exist aren’t exactly concise, we took upon ourselves to think of our own. For adenin, a digital workplace above all means: Independence.

    We want employees to be independent of their physical desktops, from the devices and apps they use, and from the departmental roles they are confined to. We want them to be free from …

  • Really, apps still kinda suck.

    When you think about the apps on your phone, there are many great ones that inform and entertain us and let us communicate. But take a second to think about the apps from service companies, like the ones from Delta, Hilton or FedEx. They all are sometimes perceived to be kinda buggy, clunky, or even just plain useless. Let me explain:

    Booking a room at the Hilton through their app is more a story about ‘cannot’ then ‘can’ …

  • 4 common barriers to a digital workplace

    We’ve all heard of digital transformation and how some businesses scramble to keep up with it on top of all the other activities they are undergoing every day. However there are some digital transformation champions, like Virgin America which has gotten a lot of praise for their Intranet, and for championing the widespread use of tablets for essential operations on planes and on the ground. But what separates such digital workplace …

  • MADP – what is it and how is it different from MEAP?

    Is MADP yet another alphabet soup? In today’s landscape organizations may find it hard to know if they need a MEAP, a MADP, a MDM or all of them or none. Let’s see what MADP means and how it stacks up.

    Definition of MADP

    If you already know what a MADP is just skip this next paragraph, otherwise buckle up:

    MADP stands for ‘mobile application development platform’ and it allows organizations to build apps easily across …

  • Review Gilbane Conference 2015 Boston

    A week after the Gilbane conference 2015 in Boston we just wanted to share a quick recap of our speaker Martin’s presentation.

    The conference’s agenda was very forward-thinking and our team enjoyed connecting with the attendees from our session and others. For those who missed it, please find the presentation slides (including video) below.

    Case study - Google's Polymer web components let us develop tomorrow's digital …

  • What is and what isn’t the digital workplace?

    It is perhaps the most confused buzzword on the Internet recently. The digital workplace that claims to eliminate all your workplace chores. Let’s cut through the Clouds and see what it’s all about.

    What Gartner says

    If there was something like a legislative institution for business software and upcoming trends, it’s name would be Gartner. And according to Gartner the Digital Workplace

    enables new, more effective ways …

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